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In these ever changing times of Conscious expansion and Soul awakening we are being given the opportunity to choose to move away from Fear and therefore create from Love. To know that we are not broken and do no need fixing. Your Soul is multidimensionaland now calling you to honour this inner truth in your heart. To awaken your gifts and abilities, and your full potential as a New Earth Multidimensional Citizen and Co- Creator of your reality.

Are you ready now to move beyond the conditioned mind programmes of thinking and believing, to reconnect from your heart with the new you emerging ? To learn how to create and experience new timelines that lead you to a Life of abundance and a Life that you Love ? To step out of Linear time/ thinking into the Zero field of Now where infinite possibilities are available to you. To move from Surviving to Thriving. To understand who you are becoming and what new roles are activating for you.

Soul Activation Sessions -  will assist you to activate your Divine Blueprint Template within, opening inner doors and Gateways, shifting your conscious awareness and raising your vibration. Gifting you Self Help Tools, Expansion, Empowerment and Transformation and access your full potential.

Polly Bartlett - Starseeds/ New Earth Wayshower

Galactic Ambassador of Light

Angelic Reiki Master Teacher

Visionary Artist

Soul Activation Sessions are suitable for those ready to move on from healing to reclaiming self empowerment and learning how to create your new story. They bring you a personal session for you in this NOW moment, with tips and tools for self help that can be easily learned and practised at home. They also can help you understand

any physical symptoms you may be experiencing and insights into what the current energies are and how those affect your journey. During these sessions positive shifts will occur in your energy field and consciousness and connection to your Galactic Light team and the many new Angels that are here now to assist us.

I  offer  one to one sessions in person or via video call.  These can be a one off session or booked as a block of 4 weekly sessions at a cheaper cost.

 Empowerment and Joy is infectious and I very much look forward to meeting you should you choose to have a session with me, do a workshop, or wish to be taught Angelic Reiki.



RELAXATION SESSIONS with personal guided meditation


A reading with these cards brings you the Divine New Earth Codes that activate and awaken your Divine Blueprint of full potential. They bring guidance and clarity from your Galactic Team for this NOW moment of your journey and support  energy/Consciousness shifts to maintain Balance and Flow

PERSONAL ACTIVATION - visionary art image only, or with a reading.


ANGELIC REIKI WORKSHOPS available through out the year for those wishing to learn this wonderful healing system to do self healing or as a Practitioner doing healing for others.



Contact Polly for more info or to book 07503163409



Visionary Art work Greeting cards for sale

Personal Energy artwork intuitively brought through for you

Personal activation visionary art image

Personal activation visionary art image and reading

Fine Art Giclee prints

Original Watercolour Art Prints and Greeting cards for sale -

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Sessions available at

Chase Meadow,


CV34 6PW

Or via video call for those not local

To book an appointment - Please text or call Polly on :-   

Mob: 07503 163409

Email: divineconnectionnewearth@gmail.com

Tel : 07503 163409

Email: - divineconnectionnewearth@gmail.com