Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing art that means "universal life energy". A reiki practitioner is trained to channel this healing energy through their hands to their client promoting relaxation and wellness, reducing stress, anxiety, and pain. Reiki is able to effect change on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual plane.

Essential oils and meditation music are used during my reiki session to further promote a sense of calm and balance. Essential oils themselves carry their own energy and when used elevate the energy of the individual.

I am honored to provide Reiki for the elderly, seriously ill and terminally individuals. To accommodate their needs, I will travel to their location as required. For these sessions I also use aromatherapy and massage oil for light touch massage on the forearms and lower legs if requested.

Duration: 60 minutes
Rate: $75.00 per session
Book a series of 4 sessions for $270 (10% discount)