End-of-Life Doula

What is an End-of-Life Doula?

Doulas in general support the circle of life in both birth and death. In birth doula’s play a role in bringing a new life into the world. An end-of-life doula is a companion to the dying, offing the patient and their loved one’s the support necessary in the difficult end of life stage.

Incorporating an end-of-life doula can occur when you are planning far in the future to create an end-of-life plan for your own wishes. Creating an end-of-life plan early in your life is not only the best gift that you can give your loved ones, but it allows you to live life more fully in the here and now. End-of-life planning is also important for those that are currently terminally ill, or for patients whose needs are more immediate. Engaging an end-of-life doula into the finale of a loved one’s life allows for more quality time between family members and less time spent on details.

The final phase of life does not need to be a dark feared journey. Let it be a journey of guidance, comfort, love, and fulfillment.

End-of-Life Doula Services

I work with individuals and their loved ones to offer knowledge, wisdom and insight leading healthy discussion and planning for death which advocates for the wishes of the dying.  My role is to help individuals that are terminally ill, and their families, navigate through unfamiliar territory at the end of their life. This guidance and education honors the loved one’s right to move into another realm and support the person’s transition and allow their soul to move on with peace and serenity.

The following end-of-life doula services are available:

Patient Advocacy 

Reiki & Aromatherapy

Organization of end-of-life services

Respite Care

Companion Visits

Vigil Services

End-of-Life Planning

Initial Consultation is free.

Rate:  $75 per hour