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FAQ New Earth and Starseeds

What is Old Earth ?

Old Earth is the reality of Conscious understanding that we were born into and was a 3rd dimensional vibration created by all the thoughts,fears,  beliefs and programmes ingrained in the Human psyche. This was first created after the fall of Atlantis when we fell into Separation Consciousness from Oneness Consciousness which was a 5th dimensional state.. From this point in time we believed we were now seperate from Source/God and we had to survive on our own. In truth this was all an illusion and created much fear and suffering which led to reincarnation coming back again and again for many lifetimes as we tried to heal this split of separation within us.

In 2012 Earth/ Mother Gaia started her Ascension process to raise her vibration back to a 5th dimensional state like it was in the times of Lemuria and Atlantis.in 2016 Earth fully ascended back to the 5th dimension.

What is New Earth ?

New Earth is a term to describe the changes that are occuring from within our Planet which is also known by the name of Mother Gaia.Due to the many Lightworkers assisting this process iIn 2016 she fully ascended and raised her vibration back to the energy of a 5th dimensional state. This caused the Old Earth grid of 3rd dimensional consciousness around Earth to dissolve and the New Earth grid of 5th dimensional consciousnessto be fully anchored and activated. Since this time the vibration of all who live on this planet including the animals, birds and nature kingdoms has also been changing. Its part of a process that's been named Ascension and is moving us all to a new way of BEing and a new level of Consciousness. This is called Unity Consciousness and will bring Peace and Harmony once more back to Earth and all of Humanity.

What is the 5th Dimension ?

Its a natural process of Conscious evolution from Oneness Consciousness, to Separation Consciousness, to Unity Consciousness. This is a conscious awareness that we are all one, that we are all connected on a soul level and energetically too. It creates '' Awakening'' to knowing and feeling this, and many people are first aware of this change within them by experiencing physical/emotional symptoms. It also gifts becoming aware that we now  have the choice to create our outer reality by changing/dropping old out dated beliefs of Old Earth. This leads us back to a  feeling of ineer freedom and empowerment.

What is a Starseed ?

A Starseed is a term used to describe those who have always felt different and unable to fit in. They have originated from other planets and bring great gifts to assist Humanity to raise their consciousness. As the Light codes awaken the Starseeds within their DNA they bring through their Galactic heritage, wisdom and knowledge. They have originated from other planets and bring great gifts to assist Humanity to raise their consciousness. Quite often they have felt isolated and walked a lonely path feeling very misunderstood. Many wil feel drawn, or feel  a connection,  to the Pleidian. Sirian or Arcturian Galactic Beings. Some may also have connected with Commander Ashtar and the Ashtar command Spacefleet. They may doodle and draw Light Language, symbols or naturally speak Light Language without realising this is what they are doing. May will have a fascination for Crystals as this links them to their inner Crystal Child.

Quite often they have felt isolated and walked a lonely path feeling very misunderstood. They are usually natural empaths and can be very sensitive to their enviroment and the lower energies of those around them as they feel others emotions or pain. They can also experience dietary sensitivity. Those who are still in childhood, and some who are older are labelled with a condition known as ADHD or Autism. Many will have experienced ME or Fibromyalga

Many are naturally psychic/intuitive and have had psychic experiences since childhood. Quite often they will have a fascination with the Stars and feel they don't belong here. They have returned this Lifetime to fully release all Human conditioning and awaken to who they truly are.

As a general guide : -

The first wave of Starseeds are now in their late 40'S to 60'S.  Many have already awakened and now act as Pioneers and Wayshowers for other Starseeds. Others are going through their awakening process now. All of these First wave have been assisting clearing all of humanity of the lower energies of fear and separation, many not being aware that this has been their role.

The Second wave of Starseeds are now in their20's to late 30's and many of these are starting to awaken now and this can be quite and abrupt or fast process for them so can cause confusion and uncertainty.

The third wave of Starseeds are now in their teenage years to 20's. They have come in at a much higher vibration and carry less Karma, if any,  to clear.

They have been given the names of

Indigo child

Crystal Child

Rainbow Child

What is a Wayshower ?

A Wayshower is a term to describe someone who has fully awakened and aligned with their Starseed/Galactic self. They act to show the way to navigate walking in New Earth, as this takes practise, and also learning a new way of Being and expressing ourself. They provide new tools to assist the Starseeds and ways of reconnecting with their Galactic family and Guides. They can also assist those new to awkening to gain more understanding of who they truly are and to be able to accept that as being ' normal' for you. They understand you and hold you in Unconditional Love helping you to feel safe to express what you have been feeling which can be a relief to those who have for so long have not dared to speak out. Most of all they inspire and empower you to be who you came here to be and know the Gift that you are.

FAQ Angelic Reiki

How does Angelic Reiki differ from other Reiki systems?

With Angelic Reiki, the healer channels energy at the Angelic vibration, so not only is the healing pure, it also, beautiful,

gentle and relaxing. The healing power of all the Masters of other Reiki lineages has been combined with the Angelic Vibration, through Archangel Metatron, to create Angelic Reiki.

Although Angelic Reiki uses symbols common to other Reiki systems, it is the Divine vibration which comes in on the Reiki symbols, and attunes both healer and client to their Soul energy, that gives Angelic Reiki that something extra. It is the Angelic vibration, being an extension of the Divine Creative Source itself that makes this possible.

When healing is initiated using this method, both the healer and the client receive a download of Soul energy, which in turn raises their consciousness.

For the client, this allows old thought forms not in tune with Divine vibration, to be dislodged and transmuted into higher vibrations. For the healer, it enables them to sense the causes of disease more clearly.

Therefore, Angelic Reiki is transformational for both healer and client.

Is it safe?

Angelic Reiki is a safe and natural way of treating any imbalances. Redressing the balance on a very deep level can have profound and wonderful life changing effects.  Because healing occurs on the physical, emotional and mental levels, Angelic Reiki helps to balance the whole person, and does not just deal with the symptoms.

Who is it suitable for?

Angelic Reiki is suitable for everyone, including pregnant women, children and babies.  Anyone, of any age, can benefit from this type of healing.

Animals and plants, in fact any living being can be treated.

What about medication my doctor has prescribed for me?

Angelic Reiki can be used alongside orthodox medicine, as well as other holistic or complementary therapies.  You should always seek  medical advice before ceasing any prescription medication.

What does a healing session consist of?

At the commencement of a healing treatment, the healer and client will discuss what will happen during the session and why the client has come for the treatment. The client will be asked to sit in a chair, or to lie on a massage couch and remains fully clothed throughout the session. The healer places their hands on the shoulders for a client who is sitting, or the upper chest and solar plexus area the body of a client who is lying down.  Angelic Reiki is then channelled through the healer's hands, flowing to the part of the body that most requires it.  The client may experience this energy by sensations of warmth, cold or tingling.  Most people however, simply relax, and enjoy the treatment.  Each client's experience, and hence the healing they receive, is unique to them. Whatever healing the client receives, will be what he/she most need at that time, and will be perfect for them.

How long does a healing treatment last?

Healing sessions usually last for about an hour, though healing itself may continue for up to 28 days after the session.

How many sessions will I need?

In many cases only one session will be necessary. Several fortnightly or monthly sessions can be of great benefit for lasting change. Where disease or illness has been long standing, more than several sessions may be necessary and could be arranged at the first session..

What is Distant healing ?

Angelic Reiki can be sent distantly for those who are unablew to attend in person due to disability or not living locally. All that is required is your name and address. I will then tune in to your energy and ask the Angels to send the healing to you. This can be at a mutually prearranged time or be sent during your sleep time. It is helpful if healing is required more than once that it be arranged on a regular basis at the same time. Distant healing can also be given during a Skype session.

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