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Angel Card Readings

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Healing Energy Art and Readings

We all have Guardian Angels assigned to watch over us from birth. As we have free will they can only assist and help us if we ask them. They always answer but sometimes we do not hear them. As well as our Guardian Angel there are many other Angels waiting to assist us. Simply asking and inviting the Angels to draw closer and help us, can bring about positive changes.

Angel card readings invite your Angels to draw closer to you and help you to hear their messages and

guidance via the cards. All cards are positive and uplifting.

Card readings can be for general guidance from your Angels, or for guidance on specific questions concerning areas of your life.


Readings cost £30.00

 Please contact Polly for availability


Law states that Angel card readings are for entertainment purposes only



Mothership Deck Card readings Cost £ 30.00

A reading with these cards brings you the Divine Mother Codes that activate and awaken your Divine Blueprint. They bring guidance and clarity for this NOW moment of your journey and support and energy/Consciousness shifts to maintain Balance and Flow

         Healing energy Art and readings  Cost £ 40.00

When you book for this reading I tune into the energies currently supporting you and create a healing image for you to meditate with or look at and absorb the healing energy and Light codes. This comes with a reading sharing what was channelled through from your guides and Angels whilst creating the image. once created the reading and image will be emailed or sent by messenger to you.

The images below are the Personal Healing Energy Art created for people who booked this type of reading


" Thank you Polly this is awesome I love it ❤️ I have defo felt some of this inc the dragon. It’s really helped me to make sense of how I have been feeling. Much love 💕✨


" Wow what a reading, thank you so much "  Andy

I have just received my amazing healing image from Divine Connection. It is stunning and the reading that goes with it is so beautiful. For a reading that will lift your soul and fill you with joy , please have a reading with Polly Bartlett. Go onto her Facebook page and have a look around. So much helpfull advice and love. My healing image.will be treasured always. 💖 just thinking about gettin  it put onto a canvas 😉😃😃💖💖💖 xxx


I have had one of thesel healing energy art pictures and reading. For something very unique and wonderful contact Polly @ Divine connection on Facebook


Healing energy Art and readings  Cost £ 40.00


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