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I am, and always have been, a highly sensitive and  natural empath and have a great love of nature and animals.  I have always been aware of the energies around us and within others. My approach is a gentle one, respecting boundaries and holding a space of unconditional Love during  sessions, meditation group or while teaching workshops.   All I offer and teach now assists and an easier experience of awakening for those who choose to have healing with me, a one to one New Earth/Starseed Session, or attend my workshops

I have always been spiritual in nature,  a seeker of truth,  carrying a knowing within that there must be more to Life than I was taught as a child. My journey opened up over 30 years ago, leading me to be attuned to Usui Reiki and then guided to work with the Angels and become attuned to Angelic Reiki. This has now led me on to working with the Galactic beings Of Light, the Multiversal Angels, Cosmic Colour Angels and to all I can offer you now.

I have also  trained in Dowsing for Health for Stress relief and this therapy assists people to release fears and limiting beliefs, which are Old Earth programmes that hold them back. Once these are released they can feel re - empowered and lead happier and more abundant  lives and allow themself to align with the 5th dimensional energies of New Earth.

This is my current understanding of all that is occuring now in these great times of change, please take what resonates for you and leave the rest.

Great changes are occuring for all here on Earth as we  align now with the energy of New Earth,  the 5th Dimensional frequencies and beyond.. We are each now begining to awaken to know and embody all of who we truly are.  Our carbon based physical bodies are being changed by the down pouring of high frequency Solar  Light codes and activations are occuring on a cellular level as our bodies become crystalline based. Through this process of change many people have been experiencing  symptoms either of  physical/pain, emotional or mental nature as their bodies completely restructure from the inside, and this now starts their process of awakening and re- aligning to the New Earth Frequencies. Constant change is bringing up a lot of fear and anxiety symptoms, inability to sleep, tinintus (especially at night time), Anger/impatience,  frustration, unexplained depression or grief and headaches, digestive problems and feeling bloated.  Becoming more sensitive to noise, your environment and the people/energy around you.

What you are experiencing are energy changes within your body and mind as your inner world changes. This leads on to changes in your outer world eg, moving away from old friends, changing jobs, changing eating habits and can even leave you feeling either stuck or not knowing who you are. Acting as a Wayshower as to '' how do we navigate all these constant changes ?, '' what is happening to me ?''  I can assist you through what can be a very confusing time of experiencing all these symptoms and help you to feel more in balance. The One to one Starseed/New Earth session with me are specifically for this purpose and also share on tips, tools and insights as to how you can empower and support yourself.


I work with the Angels and Galactic beings of Light  who are assisting me to help Starseeds awaken to the truth of who they truly are, why they feel different to others or unable to ‘’ fit in ‘’ so can experience loneliness, being very sensitive, empathic, suffer from fear and lack of self confidence. 

 Recent changes for me has gifted a return to my natural healing abilities bringing through the latest pure combined Angelic and Galctic healing energies, healing symbols and Light codes as I expand and embody more of my aspects. I am also now offering Galactic Light Team healing, channelling healing to you directly from your Galactic Light team who assist you to awaken your full potential as a Mulltidimensional Citizen of New Earth. Readings are available too with the Mothership Deck cards that bring you The Divine Mother codes to awaken your full potential.

Distant healing sessions to those not  local to me, and also online one to one sessions are available




Listed below is all I currently offer ......

One to One Starseed/New Earth sessions. Cost £40.00

or £100.00 if booking 4 consecutive weekly sessions

Relaxation sessions, Cost £40.00

Inner Child healing sessions, Cost £40.00

Angelic Reiki healing sessions, Cost £40.00

Dowsing for stress relief, Cost £40.00

Galactic Light team Healing Sessions  Cost £40.00

Online  healing or one to one Starseed/New Earth sessions Cost  £40.00

Distant Healing Cost £ 25.00

Angel card readings £ 30.00

Digital energy healing Art and reading £40.00

Digital Energy Personal image Cost £30.00

Starseed Mothership Deck readings £30.00

I sell original watercolour Angel, Mermaid, Fairy and Unicorn paintings, prints, or cards.

Visionary StarLight encoded art Greeting cards

Please do get in touch if further information on sessions is required and I will be happy to have a chat with you.

 Empowerment and Joy is infectious and I  very much look forward to meeting you should you choose to have a session with me, have a reading, do a workshop, or wish to be taught Angelic Reiki.

My Facebook page is ‘ Divine Connection’ for Angelic Reiki and inspiring posts on Angels,Unicorns. Our Galactic Brothers and Sisters of Light, self help, my digitasl art, and much more.

My other Facebook page is  ‘ Divine Connection Art  ‘ – on this page I share all my watercolour Artwork and Visionary Artl Greeting cards for sale.


Tel : 07503 163409

Email: - divineconnectionnewearth@gmail.com